The Lamplighter has noticed that the majority of current Haverhill public school principals are from out of town.

It appears that just three of 14 principals are Haverhill residents. There was a time when most lived in Haverhill. How things have changed. 


How not to run a Zoom meeting 

The April 30 School Committee meeting was a perfect example of how not to run a Zoom meeting.

During the initial part of the meeting, various school officials presented information on remote learning that is being provided to students. The problem was they went on for so long that some School Committee members appeared to lose interest and offered no questions or comments after the presentations. The presentation parade lasted more than an hour and a half, and that's before the committee finally dealt with its agenda items.


Four-legged councilor?

At the May 5 City Council meeting, the sound of a dog's bark could be heard during Councilor John Michitson’s remarks about potential WiFi for the city's public school students.

“Is someone speaking?” he wondered aloud, as a participant’s canine piped up for all to hear during the session. Oh, the joys of at-home remote meetings!


Calling out Comcast

During that same City Council meeting, there was a discussion of remote learning and internet connectivity for students.

Councilor Michitson admitted that after weeks of his own connectivity issues, he had to rewire his home just to participate in the remote meetings.

"I had to upgrade my Comcast modem, my plan, and purchase a new laptop computer and I still have glitches from time to time," he said.


All eyes on the Thinker

For generations of local people, the Thinker statue has been synonymous with Haverhill High School.

The statue was a fixture in front of the old high school, which is now City Hall, and stands near the main entrance to today's Haverhill High.

The statue will play a more prominent role for this year's Hillie grads. Because of the coronavirus crisis, school officials plan to videotape each graduate separately, wearing their caps and gowns and receiving their diploma at the statue.

And just to set the record straight: Though the statue has long been referred to as "The Thinker" in reference to a famous statue by the French artist Auguste Rodin, it is actually a bronze replica of Michaelangelo's "Il Pensieroso" ("The Thoughtful One''), a statue of Italian nobleman Lorenzo de' Medici.

Thumb through any "Archie'' comic book and you're bound to see an image of the statue outside the fictitious Riverdale High School, which cartoonist Bob Montana patterned after the Haverhill High of the late 1930s. He attended that school and many of his characters are based on his classmates.


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