Word is city officials are working feverishly to get a business into a prime downtown location that recently went vacant.

The Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill mysteriously closed its doors a couple of weeks ago. Now, city planning officials say they are determined to get Coach’s to reopen or find another tenant for the spot in the heart of the city.

The ground floor spot in the Whittier Hotel building is a key location in the downtown, which has made a comeback in the last few years.

It’s about time

The Lamplighter has heard rumblings that the local Hall of Fame Committee has chosen two new members to be inducted into the city’s Citizens Hall of Fame.

It’s been several years since the hall gained a new member, and its seems likely there are worthy candidates.

The Hall of Fame has three basic rules: Inductees must have had a strong impact on society, close ties to Haverhill — and must be deceased.

The hall has many well-known names, such as: Rowland Macy, founder of Macy’s department stores; movie-making king Louis B. Mayer; Lahey Clinic founder Frank Lahey; comedian Frankie Fontaine; and Andre Dubus, master fiction writer and professor at the old Bradford College.

You can view images of Hall of Fame members and their background at a display at the public library.

Keeping up with the times

Have you noticed the big, impressive clock on the public library overlooking Main and Summer streets is showing the wrong time?

The clock is an hour slow, apparently not reset when we made the “spring forward’’ change a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, the clock’s caretakers will move its big hands into the proper position.

Speaking of the library ...

What a great spot the public library is for advertising, given its location next to one of the city’s busiest intersections.

And some advertisers are indeed taking advantage of that location.

If you drive past the library, you’ll see it bears a big sign facing the intersection. The sign reminds the public of the library’s annual book sale — a big event where you can find a literary gem in the rough. Books sell for cheap and proceeds help the library, which is always looking for a few bucks to improve services.

The sale is run by the Friends of the Library organization.

An odd police call

You don’t hear this very often.

A few nights ago, the Lamplighter overheard this call on the police scanner: A cruiser was dispatched to investigate a report of a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. Nothing unusual there — except that the bench was inside City Hall.

Boarded up

The now-closed Main Street Mobil gas station is looking like it will stay that way for a while.

The station was closed for months after former owner George Wickson died. Then it reopened, but a few weeks ago closed again.

Just over a week ago, the Lamplighter noticed carpenters boarding up the doors of the station — everything from the office entrance to the big doors of the repair garage.

They even built wooden covers over the gas pumps.

It’s a strange sight — almost eerie, like the station is part of a ghost town.

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