A surveying crew was recently spotted at the Skateland roller skating rink and the former Liberty Oil company property.


Draw your own conclusions, but it likely has to do with the redevelopment of the Ornsteen Heel property. The old city-owned property on the Bradford side of the river is being taken over by a company that plans housing and public recreational areas along the waterway.


To protect and serve

Five minority officers and two female officers are among the 13 new police recruits recently sworn in at a ceremony in City Hall following their graduation from the Northern Essex Community College/Methuen Police Academy.

Haverhill's force now numbers 102  — perhaps the most in Haverhill's history.


Speaking of the police force ...

These two police officers showed big hearts.

Mayor James Fiorentini recognized patrol officers Richard St. Louis and Katelyn Tully in a Facebook posting on July 17, where he noted that the previous night, they found a homeless woman on the street.

The mayor said that because a shelter the officers wanted to get her into was full and they could not get her into another shelter, they drove her to a hotel and out of their own pockets, paid for her to stay the night.

"This is the outstanding service we see from our police officers that sometimes the public does not see," Fiorentini said.


Writing her way to success

Annemarie Riley Guertin, a Haverhill author and Methuen High School teacher, recently signed a contract to write her fifth book

Titled "ABC, Rise Up, and Be!" and illustrated by Sandie Sonke, the book will be available starting next April on Amazon and from other book sellers.

In the book, each letter of the alphabet highlights a positive character trait. Example: “A is for acceptance ... when we work together and learn from one another, we create harmony.” Each page will also feature a person that has positively impacted the world, such as Temple Grandin, Malala Yousafzai and John Muir, who will appear alongside diverse illustrated children. The goal is for every child to find a likeness to themselves in the pages of the book

Guertin is also the author of "How the Finch Got His Colors", "Why Evergreens Keep Their Leaves", "Thundermaestro" and "Finding Mr. Trunks."



He's in top shape 

Paul Aliotta of Haverhill recently took first place in the John Hansen Fitness Challenge, a physique transformation contest hosted by John Hansen, a two-time Natural Mr. Universe winner and Natural Mr. Olympia winner.

The 33-year-old Aliota mainly works out at home, but has aldo used Choice Fitness in Methuen for his training.


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