Despite the best efforts of volunteers, the statue of General Lafayette in Lafayette Square continues to attract litter.

Since being moved from the traffic island rotary in the center of the square to the side of the road several years ago, the statue has been a spot where some passersby toss wrappers and other litter.

A group of students adopted the statue as a cleanup project at one point, but it's virtually impossible to keep the area around the statue clean with all the foot traffic that passes through the area.


'Oasis' in urban jungle

Have you noticed the small park at Locust and Orchard streets that's drawing quite a few visitors?

It's in an unusual spot, nestled into the packed urban area just north of downtown. It's a rough area, admittedly, but the park does stand out as a welcoming spot.

The builder of the park, the Emmaus organization, calls it an "oasis'' in the middle of an urban jungle.

The park, called Emmaus Commons, was built in 2014. It has a bench dedicated to people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The builder's goal was to give that part of the city a spot where people can stop to relax. It's working.


'Roots' of an acting career?

Remember when the makers of the movie "Daddy's Home'' came to Haverhill for a casting call a couple of years ago?

They set up the lights and cameras — and there was plenty of action. Hundreds of people showed up for a chance to land bit parts as extras in the movie.

Two of them were a local father and son. They are members of the well-known Cerasuolo clan who own and operate the local Angelo the Florist shop.

If you see the movie, look for Patrick and his son in the background of at least two scenes.


A bit barren

The big American Dog statue at the edge of I-495 in Ward Hill looks a bit lonely these days.

The creation of well-known metal artist Dale Rogers is often dolled up in decorations for seasons such as the holidays or strawberry picking time at nearly Rogers Spring Hill Farm.

But it seems this is an in-between timeleaving the dog statue as simply a big canine overlooking the highway.

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