Have you seen the new turf field at the high school?

It's a multi-purpose field for a variety of sports, and adds to the school's growing number of sports venues.

The new field at Haverhill High was recently dedicated. Games began the same day and it's been bustling ever since.

The field is the latest addition to places where Haverhill High athletes can play and train. Consider these changes in recent years: the addition of artificial turf at the stadium for football, baseball and other sports; an $80,000 weight room and training center at the high school, courtesy of local businessman Ernie DiBurro; and the locker room/training building at the stadium, also courtesy of DiBurro.


Honoring our veterans

If you've driven past the park on Mill Street near the entrance to Plug Pond lately, you've likely noticed lots of activity.

The city's efforts to convert the entire park to a memorial to local Vietnam veterans is picking up steam.

In recent months, the city added a pole flying an American flag high above the park, plus a monument to the veterans. The latest work, which began last week, has workers installing raised granite curbing around the park. This gives the park an appearance of unity in salute to the veterans.

Other additions are coming before the memorial is complete.


The twilight zone

Some drivers felt they were in a twilight zone of sorts when, at twilight one day last week they saw this sight:

As darkness was setting in, a man wearing a yellow vest, the kind used by construction workers, was standing at the edge of Hilldale Avenue, next to the southbound lane.

Whenever there was no traffic, the man, holding some kind of device on a pole, stepped into the road and ran the device over the pavement. When traffic approached, he stepped out of the road. He did this repeatedly as darkness was setting in.

Passing drivers were confused, especially because there was no utility vehicle nearby.



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