:Something big’s brewing downtown: The chatter among those in the know in the city center is that a major development involving buildings along the river is in the works. Several buildings are part of the plan, and demolition could be involved, opening up an area of the river that is blocked from public view. The Lamplighter will stay tuned — and you should too.

The city’s own Mr. Clean: Dick LeBlond is getting lots of pats on the back these days, and he deserves it. The owner of the city’s popular Chicken Connection restaurant has “adopted’’ the area around the statue of General Lafayette in the square of the same name. LeBlond and his helpers regularly comb the area for trash and keep it clean. The Lamplighter joins Elaine Barker of the local Brightside organization and others in thanking LeBlond for his efforts.

:No more ‘pothole city’: The city’s annual pothole contest drew many responses and resulted in many holes being repaired this spring. Mayor James Fiorentini said residents reported more than 150 potholes, all of which were repaired by city workers within two days.

:Election begins taking shape: Candidates are finally starting to line up for this year’s election for mayor, City Council and School Committee. Several people have taken out nomination papers, including former councilor Michael Young, who is considering a run for mayor. Look for more candidates to emerge as campaigning begins in earnest this summer. The preliminary election is in September and the final election is in November. Besides the mayor’s seat, nine spots are available on the council and three on the School Committee.

More than just trivial: The new version of the “Haverhill Trivia Book’’ and e-book are now available for sale on Amazon.com. The book, featuring interesting trivia of all kinds about the city, was created in the 1980s by a Haverhill teacher and her students and then updated last year by Haverhill High teacher Phil Brown and his students. The Lamplighter recommends the book as something to pass the time or have fun, using it to play trivia games among friends.

Pedaling along: Did you notice the mayor riding his bike to work the other day? That was indeed him, as he made his annual peddling pilgrimage to City Hall to bring attention to Bike Week. He uses the event to encourage people to hop on their bikes and get some exercise — and give the environment a break from those car fumes.

New blood downtown: A new women’s boutique with a catchy name has opened downtown — The Color Mint. Owner Melissa Rosado is offering new, consigned and vintage clothing, along with accessories. It’s always good to see another occupied storefront in the heart of the city, as well as competing retailers to give shoppers the best prices possible.

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