There’s water, water everywhere.

The levels of lakes and ponds continue to be high this early spring. And there is plenty of flooding in parks and low-lying areas of residents’ yards

Parts of gravestones in some cemeteries have even been under water.

Here’s hoping the rains ease up so we don’t face the kind of flooding we had a few years ago.

Did you see that UFO?

People who saw a UFO over the city last week are still buzzing about it.

It was visible from Lafayette Square, where it caught the eye of several people leaving Archie’s Little River Ale House restaurant and lounge on Thursday night.

The object had an off-white glow in its center, surrounded by an orange ring. It took an unusual path in the sky, changing directions unlike a plane, and then hovering for several seconds like a helicopter. But when the light faded out, leaving nothing but blackness, the observers were left thinking it could not be a helicopter.

He’s still a Tiger

Foster “Spot’’ Kneeland wants everyone to know he’s still growling.

After the Gazette published a story recently about the Rudy’s Tigers men’s workout group created decades ago at the YMCA, Kneeland called in to remind the Lamplighter that he was an original member of the group.

Kneeland, longtime of Haverhill, is in his 80s and spends much of his time in Florida.

Time for a good spring cleaning

It’s a mess — plain and simple.

The debris left along Interstate 495 and other local roads after the snow melted reminds the Lamplighter that we need a good spring cleaning.

Many areas are dotted with debris — everything from trash that might have fallen off garbage trucks to car parts such as mufflers.

Perhaps the sheriff’s department could get minimum security inmates to form crews for pickups as in years past.

It’s likely neighborhood groups will be out at the edges of local streets during annual Earth Day activities to do their part.

Putting their Sox on

There was a wave of Red Sox caps and shirts at schools last week, as the old town team opened its Fenway Park season.

Students at several local schools, even those where uniforms are required, were allowed to wear their Sox stuff to school on Friday for opening day.

Unfortunately, the Red Sox failed to deliver a victory. In fact, they lost the first three games of the season at Fenway.

Sign of old times?

Years ago, it might be common to see pedestrians walking along the edge of the highway, even thumbing for a ride.

Such an image is very unusual now, but I-495 and other highways still bear signs warning drivers it is illegal to pick up and drop off pedestrians.

It seems to the Lamplighter that those signs still exist for legal reasons, so the stray driver who does such a pickup or dropoff can be prosecuted. Anyone exercising common sense certainly does not need such a reminder.

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