For a while there, it looked like a flood was on the way.

The surface of the Merrimack River has been higher this spring than it has been in a long time. Locals watching it from day to day have remarked about the level of the water, especially on the Bradford side of the river where water covered the base of trees in many spots.

Thankfully it appears that the river has leveled off and even receded a bit lately.


Speaking of the river ...

Before you know it, the docks at Crescent Yacht Club will be out on the Merrimack River — a sure sign that summer is right around the corner.

The docks are usually put in around Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the boating season.

Wonder whether the high surface of the river this spring will cause any complications with installation of the docks.


A better — and safer — view

The removal of trees from the Mill Street side of Linwood Cemetery has proven helpful to some drivers in the area.

Drivers approaching Mill Street from Boardman Street have had difficulty in the past seeing cars moving north on Mill Street because of the trees. But the removal of several of the trees has created a clearer view.

Linwood officials arranged to have the trees removed from that area because they were diseased. The cemetery is known for its tree management program. Linwood has a wide variety of trees — some small and colorful, others large and stately.


Plug pond, get ready

It won't be long before there are sail boats on Plug Pond — and even kids splashing in the water there.

As we head toward the end of May, the conclusion of the school year is in sight. With that comes the anticipated opening of the pond's beach, the city's only public swimming beach. It's packed on hot summer days, popular with families trapped in the urban jungle.

The pond is also home to a sailing program run by the city for young people. They learn how to operate sailboats on the calmer waters of the pond before moving on to local lakes and perhaps even the river.



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