Tom Sullivan is getting high marks for work he does beyond his City Council post and law office.

Brightside organization leader Elaine Barker gave him a pat on the back in a recent email about his work on the grounds at Winnekenni Castle and park.

"Winnekenni is one of Haverhill's most beautiful areas - the castle, grounds, walkways, etc.,'' Barker wrote. "It surely is the place to go and have fun, enjoy or just relax. A place Haverhill can be very proud of - and we can thank Tom for his interest in keeping the place a place of beauty. I think we should name Tom Star of the Week - for his caring of this facility.''

Barker gives out a weekly award to people like Sullivan who volunteer to keep things looking good around the city.

How's this for an odd twist?

It was the first day of school and the head of the School Department wasn't on the job — but it wasn't his fault.

Sick as he was with the flu, Superintendent James Scully worked a long day on Monday of last week. Then he got up early Tuesday, the first day of school, and was on the job for a while, before finally giving in and going to the doctor.

The Lamplighter talked to Scully briefly later in the day, and he was clearly under the weather. But he was still taking calls at home, whether from reporters or school employees who needed direction.

Sign of a change?

Maybe that vacant property that is becoming an albatross in Duston Square will finally get a new tenant.

The Lamplighter noticed a "for rent'' sign on the garage door of the old Mobil gas station that has been empty for months.

The property near the intersection of Main and Primrose streets first became vacant shortly after former owner George Wickson died. After someone else resurrected the station for a few weeks, it closed again and was boarded up — and has been vacant since.

Here's hoping someone rents the property and makes good use of it.

'Pooling' their resources

A reunion of the Haverhill High swim team and local swim clubs is planned for Sept. 13, with the installation of a trophy case at the Haverhill High pool lobby.

It will include the 1978 state championship trophy that has not been on display. It was packed away until Tom McCutcheon, the swim coach who led the team to that championship, contacted former team member Michael Regan.

Organizers are expecting a big turnout for the event.

It's having an effect

All that effort by state Highway Department workers is paying off.

The Lamplighter has noticed more and more drivers slowing down as they merge on ramps leading to I-495 in Haverhill — especially at Main Street (Route 125) where it joins the highwayheading north.

The reason is simple: Drivers can finally read "yield'' signs that formerly were blocked by tree branches.

The branches and other brush were cleared by highway department workers when they made a big sweep through the area.

They're inspiring

These teens are making their mark.

After seeing a story in the Gazette about two local Boy Scouts (twin brothers) and their efforts to improve trails and signs at Winnekenni Park, Haverhill Brightside, the city's volunteer beautification program, decided this was a great opportunity to help out the scouts.

So the group made a $300 donation to them. The scouts have installed park benches and added educational signs along the trails. These improvements follow Brightside's mission statement of beautifying the city and educating the community about the environment.

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