Mayor James Fiorentini's announcement that he's running for re-election has locals wondering whether he'll ever get a legitimate challenge.

Fiorentini said recently that he will campaign for a ninth consecutive two-year term in the corner office of City Hall. He already owns the record for eight straight terms as mayor.

So far this year, the only people to take out nomination papers besides Fiorentini are folks with little or no political experience.

Observers have been saying they believe the only person who can beat Fiorentini would be a seasoned politician with a money-making machine.


All that Jazz

They make beautiful music together, but members of the Pentucket Jazz Club are also helping to beautify something else.

Some members of the club recently helped fill planters at the newly established Maura Gould Montessori School on White Street.

They join other groups such as service clubs that give their time to improve Haverhill's image with plantings and other projects across the city.


Keeping count

People watching the goings-on on downtown Washington Street say quite a few customers stop at the area's new pot shop each day.

They say dozens of people visit the marijuana sales shop each hour, close to the maximum number allowed.

The shop has been the subject of a lawsuit by neighboring property owners who wanted the business blocked from the area. A court ruled the shop could open and since it got the go-ahead nearly two weeks ago, many people have stopped in.

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