The Lamplighter was disappointed to see mounds of dog droppings on the brick sidewalks behind of the buildings that house G’s Restaurant and Battlegrounds Coffee Co. on downtown Washington Street.

People have to walk around the piles, which were everywhere, leaving folks wondering why dog owners who live in the area don’t pick up after their pets. Also, someone has been letting their dog let loose in front of Dr. Gonik’s dental office on Kenoza Avenue. Dental patients have to navigate around these droppings as well.


No way out

A recent crash on Interstate 495 south near the River Street exit during the morning rush hour caused the traffic to back up to the Plaistow Route 125 exit.

One driver who tried to avoid the 20-minute delay on the highway by taking South Main Street in Bradford to reach his job in Andover said he was caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The driver said he wished he had just stayed on the highway and that he'll never take South Main Street again when there's trouble on the highway.


Why bother?

Two police officers stationed on Lawrence Street where installation of large water pipes has been taking place weren't doing much in the way of directing traffic.

The don't stand at either end of the job, but hang out in the middle of the site with workers and seldom look at traffic going by.


Can you speed things up?

At the Jan. 23 School Committee meeting, the committee was eager to discuss Superintendent Margaret Marotta's goals for the school year

The meeting began at 7 p.m. and for nearly two hours, Marotta's staff members presented information about a host of unrelated topics, including a technical discussion of curriculum mapping. Just before 9 p.m., Mayor James Fiorentini interjected and asked Marotta to speed things up saying, "Some of us have to be in Boston at 8 tomorrow morning."


Chatting with the mayor

During Frank Novak's live call-in show (Point of Reference) with Mayor James Fiorentini, which aired on the night of Jan. 16 on local access channel, resident Steve Costa asked the mayor about his plans for the Fire Department.

Costa, who isn't a firefighter but is a supporter of the department, was peppering the mayor with questions, until Novak tactfully nudged him off the air


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