If you haven't been by Columbia Park for a while, it's worth taking a drive there.

Several years ago, the city planted young trees on the strip of land, the "park'' that is like a median strip in the residential neighborhood off Main Street and near Round Pond.

Mayor James Fiortentini's idea was to start a project that would eventually lead to the park being covered by a canopy-like growth of branches from the new trees.

Fiorentini's idea appears to be working. The trees are getting bigger and show promise of eventually creating the canopy envisioned by the mayor.


All in the family

Best wishes to Alek Tarpy, who recently graduated from the state's firefighting academy call/volunteer recruit training program.

He'll be stationed as a call firefighter at the Rocks Village Station with Engine 9.

Her is the nephew of Deputy Chief Eric Tarpy.


One fish, two fish

Mayor James Fiorentini read to students at Bradford Elementary School as part of Monday's Read Across America Day.

This left the Lamplighter wondering: Was his appearance damage control given recent strife around the school? Tensions have been high at Bradford Elementary, with teachers expressing a lack of confidence in their principal

On Read Across American Day, the mayor has traditionally showed allegiance to his neighborhood elementary school, Walnut Square. Perhaps we could ask the Cat in the Hat what's going on?


Welcome to all

They're rolling out the red carpet, so to speak.

Thank you to Creative Haverhill, Fishbrook Design Studio and so many other local groups for designing the beautiful "Welcome to Downtown Haverhill" sign that welcomes residents and visitors to Washington Street near Railroad Square.

It's another example of people pitching in to boost the image of the city center.


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