If you've driven on Winter Street just outside Lafayette Square lately, you may have noticed the old diner that sat vacant there for years is gone.

The old Allie Oops Diner was demolished recently, and a big hole remains in its place. It appears construction of some kind is beginning there.

Questions answered

People have been wondering about the future of two other local dining establishments.

At G Raff's breakfast and lunch nook in Riverside, a sign hung for about a month saying the place was closed for vacation. Regular patrons were going to other breakfast spots, but they got good news last Sunday when G Raff's reopened.

Owner Mary Rafferty said people were happy to see her — it may have been her busiest day ever.

Sure sign of spring

How can you tell spring's here and that it's time for boats to pack the river?

Take a look at Crescent Yacht Club when you're passing by and check for the docks.

The club's docks are indeed on the river, recently placed there by club workers. Several events are planned by the club this spring and summer, including the Lou Marcel Memorial Canoe Race, which starts in Lawrence and ends at the yacht club. It will include a big social event for racers, their families and friends.

Of course, the docks are primarily used for club members' boats. At the peak of summer, the docks are packed with boats — one of several places along the river that are home to boats, keeping the Merrimack busy.

Just hangin' out

People have been talking about a man who recently found an unusual way to relax at the small park next to Round Pond.

A few days ago, a man set up a free-standing hammock in the park on the Lawrence Street side of the pond. People driving past noticed him swaying while he took a nap on a pleasant afternoon.

The park has been luring a variety of people in recent years, including fishermen (the state stocks the pond each year) and people simply relaxing and chatting on a bench overlooking the water.

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