Have you noticed that blinking street light at the corner of Welcome and Winter streets?

Drive by that area at night and you might think you're coming up on an emergency situation, that perhaps police cars or an ambulance or fire trucks are ahead.

But when you get close enough you realize it's the street light that is flashing on and off at that corner a couple of blocks north of downtown.


Remembering Russ

The lamplighter had occasion recently to watch the funeral procession for Russ Conway.

As the first vehicles moved down Salem Street through Bradford toward the cemetery, they were followed closely by Conway's vintage Corvette with a license plate displaying the word "star'' with a plus sign before and after the word. The plate was designed that way for Conway's role in the founding of Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire. Next in the procession came Conway's race car, still looking like it could take the lead around the final turn for the checkered flag.

Conway, a Haverhill resident who was longtime sports editor and reporter with The Eagle-Tribune, was remembered after he died at age 70. He was known for his reporting on hockey and work in automobile racing and various charities.


Quiet campaign

Have you noticed that School Committeeman Scott Wood's campaign signs are made of — appropriately enough — wood?

Aside from signs placed around town by Wood and other candidates, there is little campaigning going on so far this election year.

There's no sense of urgency among candidates, likely because the city will have no preliminary election in mid-September. There are not enough candidates to force a preliminary vote, so voters will go to the polls only in the first week of November to choose their mayor, nine city councilors and three School Committee members.


Out with the old

Two longtime watering holes, fixtures in the Locust Street area for decades, are gone from the landscape — the Longbranch Saloon (formerly Ray and Arlene's) and Lebro's Cafe.

This trend makes the Lamplighter wonder if he should drop into some of the other "workingman'' bars in the area before they are gone.


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