Former School Superintendent James Scully posted a video greeting on Monday on Facebook, directed at students in Haverhill public schools.

"It's a beautiful day here in happy Hampton, and as you start your first day and begin the new year, I hope you have a good time," he said. "Always grateful for everything and have fun. God bless you and enjoy."

Scully, who retired recently after years as Haverhill superintendent, was known for his personal touch with students.


What's in a name?

It looks like the Coppola name is being removed from all the Haverhill school buses now that NRT has purchased the bus company.

The Sacred Hearts School parking lot in Bradford was loaded with buses recently as NRT prepared for this week's first day of school in Haverhill.

Former Coppola Bus employees say they are looking forward to working for NRT, which has finalized the purchase of the company from Nelson Blinn. They were worried about going to work for NRT, until they met its owner, John McCarthy, at a recent staff meeting. They said they were impressed with his positive attitude.


Harry's latest hit

Congratulations to boxer Harry "The Hitman" Gigliotti, 24, of Bradford.

Gigliotti recently fought Andre "The Finisher" Belcarris of Bennington, Vermont, in a Boston Boxing Promotions event at Nashua Community College. Gigliotti knocked out Belcarris in one minute, 23 seconds into the first of four scheduled, 3-minute rounds.

Earlier in the round, Belcarris caught Gigliotti with a solid right hand to the forehead. Gigliotti shook it off and responded with a right to the body and a left to the chin, and down Belcarris went. He was out cold.

It was Gigliotti's third professional bout this year.


Something's in the air

Residents of the East Parish section of the city woke up Wednesday morning of last week to the odor of something burning.

Some figured it was smoke from a massive fire the night before at the North Andover recycling plant. Apparently, the smoke was pushed north into Haverhill, and the odor was noticed by people throughout the city. Police posted a Facebook message advising residents to shut their windows.


Unique visitors to market

If you stopped by the Haverhill Farmers Market on Aug. 24, you probably saw two alpacas, a mommy and her baby.

They were on display by Everything Alpaca NH from Brookline, New Hampshire. While the alpacas drew an appreciative crowd of children and adults, who were allowed to pet the animals, the owners of Everything Alpaca NH were selling socks, gloves, mittens and other items made from alpaca fleece.

They are expected back at the Farmers Market three more times (once in September and twice in October) before the market closes Oct. 26.

The market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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