Local author Dyke Hendrickson has published a book about the history of the Merrimack River, charting its course from the days when Native Americans plied its waters through the era of industrial pollution to the present day.

His book, "Merrimack, the Resilient River: An Illustrated Profile of the Most Historic River in New England," is published by Arcadia Publishing. Hendrickson, a former reporter for The Daily News of Newburyport, highlights the river, from the days of the Native Americans to its current status as one of the most scenic recreational waterways in New England.


Where are the multigrain bagels?

The Lamplighter wonders what's going on at local drive-thru coffee shops when it comes to ordering multigrain bagels.

Every time he tries to order one, they are sold out, and it happens at different coffee/doughnut shops. You have to wonder why the shops just don't order more multigrain bagels since they seem to be popular


If at first you don't succeed

Kenneth Quimby Jr., a former one-term city councilor, says he's going to make another run for a council seat.

On his Facebook page, he says his goals as a council member will be to improve public safety, bring more industry to Haverhill and advocate for more senior citizen housing. Quimby served on the council from 2009 to 2011. He says his campaign this year will likely include signs and mailings. 


What's that green smoke?

If you saw green smoke rising from the roof of the former Sons of Italy building on downtown Washington Street, which is now Stem, a retail cannabis shop run by Caroline Pineau, you weren't imagining things.

On April 20, Pineau set off non-toxic party favors that released green smoke in celebration of 4/20, a day in which cannabis has been celebrated since 2016, when it was made legal in Massachusetts.


Back in school at last

The Lamplighter is glad to see students are finally back to school full time, in-person.

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, students were forced to stay home and learn remotely. Then in the fall, students had the option of participating in a hybrid basis or continue learning from home.



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