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The local sports coach who is in the Newburyport sports hall of fame is Richard "Spike" Sprague of Haverhill, who coached Haverhill High School hockey as well as youth hockey for many years and also coached Newburyport High School, where he had the bulk of his wins. Sprague was on Haverhill High's first hockey team in 1973 and scored the first goal for that new team.

More homes coming

Talk about filling every vacant lot. Salem Street in Bradford saw a few new houses built last year and this year there are two more being built between Carter's Ice Cream and the Groveland line. Also, the renovation into three units of the former Noonan/Linehan/Grondin funeral home on Salem Street near the Elmwood Cemetery is nearing completion.

Bumper to bumper 

The Lamplighter is mystified as to why there is a several mile long backup weekdays on Route 110/113 (River Road) between Pleasant Valley Street in Methuen and the Interstate 495 overpass near Westgate Plaza. It appears that drivers heading south on the highway are turning onto River Road to avoid construction of the Merrimack River bridge, yet the traffic on the highway at that congestion point moves along with just a few minute delay instead of a half hour delay or more on River Road. 

Turtles live here

Have you noticed the turtle habitat area on Salem Street in Groveland? The Lamplighter wonders what happened there. A lot of time was spent in redesigning the area for what looked like new housing, but a couple of months ago the turtle habitat signage went up and there has been no action since.

Tree removal is big

Tree removal companies have sprung up like wildfire over the past dozen years or so. It seems like there's a tree being removed in every neighborhood of the city. If you've watched the new method of tree removal, it's pretty fascinating. A crane deposits a worker at the top of the tree and that worker ties a chain or rope around it and then climbs down. Once the crane has a grip on the tree, the trunk is sawed from the bottom and the tree is lifted up over the house for removal.

Wild turkeys

The Lamplighter remembers a time when the only Wild Turkey in town was on the middle shelves of local bars

What's with those lights?

Has anyone noticed the traffic signal from Bradford to North Andover at the Ward Hill Connector has been skipping a cycle and doesn't allow vehicles traveling south enough time to clear the area? On that note, there's a big timing issue between the two sets of lights on the connector heading west towards the highway during peak commute times. Once you get through the first set, which is less than a quarter of a mile from Route 125, and you arrive at the next set of lights at Shelley Road/Ward Hill Ave., the light changes to red, causing a routine backup of anywhere from 50 to 100 vehicles. Drivers have to wait a minute at this light while just a few vehicles exit the business park.  


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