As we've said before, there some good things going on at Haverhill High.

The renovated school boasts its own TV studio and literary magazine, an expanding theater and arts program and the Classical Academy — a school that provides a "classical education" for highly motivated students. There are plans in the works for an Asian studies program that could include classes in Mandarin.

Now school officials, at the urging of School Committeewoman Susan Danehy, are trying to get the word out to parents and students who might be thinking about enrolling in school outside the district. Their message: Haverhill High has a lot to offer these days.

Superintendent James Scully and Principal Bernard Nangle are working on a multimedia marketing campaign to raise awareness. They already have a Twitter feed and plan to make more use of public access TV and the Internet to raise the school's profile.

Students in the video production class will be creating a TV show that will showcase the school.

"School districts have to do better at letting the public know the good they're doing," Scully said. "We're trying to get the word out there. We have to improve our people skills."

Scully is right. Educating the public about what is going on in the schools isn't tooting your own horn when you can back it up; it's just common sense.

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