To the editor:

In my opinion, the tea party has become the antidote to apathy, shining a light beneath the veritable rug under which so much governmental corruption seems to be swept.

They are a group of citizens that promote the values upon which this nation was founded and remind us of the reasons we instituted a government whose powers were limited with proper checks and balances.

They are citizens standing up in defense of a constitution they believe in.

They have grown tired of opening their dwindling coffers to a government that knows no spending limitations.

A more informed group I have not met. The Tea Party is not a partisan group, they are not left or right, liberal or conservative, progressive or right wing radicals. These are your friends and neighbors who simply see a country they love headed down the wrong track. They are willing to stand up and play an active role in preserving the most fundamental aspects of a nation founded on limited government.

I encourage you to think about these basic core principles, do they resonate with you? Could the Tea Party be the antidote to your apathy?

Erin Buturlia

North Andover

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