Time to stop, say thanks

To the editor,

I am always amazed by the sheer volume of people and things I am thankful for when I actually take the time to just sit and think for a moment. In our day to day lives, we are bombarded with challenges, hurdles and disappointments, and it is these things which seem to monopolize our thoughts. It is very easy to be overwhelmed, and that's why it is to stop and focus on the positive. A holiday like Thanksgiving gives us that opportunity.

With the Haverhill election a little over two weeks in the past, I've finally had the time to decompress and get my life back to a somewhat normal equilibrium. I am ratified to have earned another two-year term to serve as one of Haverhill's city councilors, and I want to thank those that who helped me achieve this.

My deepest thanks to:

Ken George, for his many hours of computer work and yellow sign fabrication!

Angela Sargent, for the thousands of flyers she delivered.

Doug Edison, for his advice, canvassing, and sign holding.

Tim Jordan, my campaign treasurer, for his insight, huge personal network and stalwart friendship.

James Corcoran, my campaign manager, for his graphic and media wizardy, impeccable organization and constant motivation.

My wife, Melanie, and our children for all their sacrifices, including putting their lives on hold and allowing me to pursue my community service aspirations.

And finally to the citizens of Haverhill who had the faith in my abilities to help lead this great city for the next two years.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to take a few minutes to reflect on what this holiday truly means.

Sven Amirian


Keep library in mind for holiday gifts

To the editor,

With the holidays fast approaching and people in good spirits, a visit to the Haverhill Public Library and its Friends shop would be well worth the trip.

There, you will find a diverse selection of merchandise, including hard-to-find practical stocking stuffers.

For a modest price, you will find holiday ornaments, books, jewelry, artwork, stationary and more.

In spite of economic hardships and staff reductions, the library continues to maintain a stout vigil in our community with the help provided by the Friends — 34 dedicated volunteers who staff the shop and sponsor three book sales a year.

Proceeds go toward providing services and equipment that would otherwise be impossible to fund. Over the years, this has been significant. Many improvements have been the result of outside funds provided by loyal visitors each week.

More than ever, the need is tantamount to our survival and prosperity.

A significant milestone has been reached this year with the publication of our 25th annual Friends calendar, which will be available after Thanksgiving. The calendar remains the brainchild of the Friends and its most ardent historian, the late Greg Laing, who documented and recorded many of Haverhill's vintage photographs. Give them as gifts. Keep them as collector items.

The Friends shop is located on the ground floor and is open every day but Sunday.

We wish you all a joyful holiday season and hope you keep the library in mind. It continues to remain the city's best treasure.

Suzanne "Tudy" Davis


Service clubs call on younger generation

To the editor,

Thirtysomethings, it's your time to serve.

As you travel in and out of Haverhill you probably have noticed the beautiful WELCOME TO HAVERHILL signs displaying the international emblems of the service clubs of Greater Haverhill. These signs were a collaborative effort between the city and the following charitable service organizations: the Kiwanis club of Haverhill, Pentucket Kiwanis Club, Haverhill Rotary Club, Haverhill Exchange Club, Haverhill Lions Club, Haverhill Soroptomist Club and the former Quota Club. They were designed by the Sign Center Inc. of Haverhill and constructed and erected by the students of Whittier Regional Technical High School. Over the years they have been maintained by the service clubs and appointed beautifully by the Haverhill Garden Club.

They promote civic pride and a welcoming community and highlight the accomplishments of prominent Haverhillites. How many of us can name these individuals and their accomplishments? Perhaps a good civics project for our school children this year.

Too often overlooked are the service clubs' charitable works and dedication to the people of Greater Haverhill, especially those struggling with personal, social and medical issues. The scope of support, both financial and physical of these service organizations over the span of decades cannot be fully tallied, though one cannot think of any social, medical or educational endeavor that their altruistic efforts have not touched.

These service club emblems represent the hundreds of men and women who have answered the call and come together to help, heal and enrich the lives of countless people, not only in Haverhill but also throughout our country and foreign lands as well.

Business, professional and community leaders, using their personal attributes, altruistic spirit end civic pride, have endeavored to fulfill the mission of their international organizations. For upward of 100 countless people in need from Haverhill and beyond have been aided by the humane efforts and financial support of these outstanding service clubs.

But now it is the service clubs' time of need. Many of these dedicated and inspiring service club members have been serving, some for 40, 50 and even 60-plus years and although there are service club members of all ages, the need for young minds, energy and talents is greater than ever.

Speaking personally, I was introduced to service club membership as a sophomore at the Haverhill Trade School. I was asked to join the Key (Kiwanis Educating Youth) Club, and I participated in and greatly enjoyed the service projects we performed for the Haverhill community, as well as having the opportunity to dine with and experience the business community at its best. For a son of shoe industry workers I was given a wonderful opportunity to experience service to others with those caring and generous Kiwanis business and civic leaders of their time. Fifteen years later, as a young husband and father of two sons of my own, venturing out to provide for my family and to contribute to society, I was again called to service by the Haverhill Kiwanis club and it has now been almost 30 years of serving and sharing with some of the most wonderful, fun and dedicated people you could possibly be blessed to know.

So now the call to serve is being sent out to all of you "thirtysomethings", (you twentysometings as well). The need for your talents and energy is as great as the needs of our Haverhill community. Become a service club member and experience the personal rewards, camaraderie and fun of service club membership.

If job demands and family commitments are your concern and reason for hesitation, remember that many have gone before you and fulfilled family, career and service commitments cohesively and beneficially. If time constraints are a concern, there are now creative ways to serve with the advent of electronically connected membership.

I encourage all young members of the Greater Haverhill business and professional community to come forward and truly "have it all" by joining a service club, leading by example by serving the needs of your community today and continuing the legacy of service already accomplished by generations of past and present service club members.

Dave Arel

Haverhill Kiwanis Club

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