Unless you've been totally incommunicado, I trust you know the Red Sox won the 2007 World Series. Ho hum, I rooted for the Rockies.

Now before tearing this column to shreds, let me explain. I usually go for the underdog, which drives son No. 3 crazy. "You always feel that way," he intones. My rationale is, let them have a chance. They haven't won one yet.

I was unaware the team was also only 15 years old. OK, age should have no bearing.

However, I'm allowed this behavior to root for a team other than the Sox for one reason: Residing in the population of New "Yankee" York state is son No. 1, and a Red Sox fan to outshine any Red Sox fan. Considering he is only one, I assume that "soc" would be singular of "sox." Since he is such a dedicated fan, I'm allowed to put my cheers in another ballpark, so to speak.

He's devoted a room in his home to the Sox photos, baseballs, memorabilia and even a piece of turf, I believe. He's easy to buy for -- newspapers are a rather inexpensive gift. He has them all from their current wins. At least his reading skills won't suffer with all the papers, magazines and books he has. After their last win in 2004, I purchased a Red Sox Monopoly game. I thought he'd enjoy it. "Mom, I'm not opening this: It's a collector's item!"

Unfortunately, this time he wasn't able to be in the thick of things, as he couldn't get time off fighting crime to visit. Sure, he'd love to have a ticket and see it live from Green Monster-land, but if this year was anything like their last Series, he would have been thrilled just being in Boston while they were at home.

During their last Series, he visited Sox Country. When he first popped in to say hello, he was wearing -- what else -- a Red Sox shirt and cap. He was all excited about going into Boston and just "being there" while his team played across town. Before he left with son No. 2 and friends, he came up to ask what I thought of his "lucky" outfit. There he stood in, what else, another Sox shirt and hat. Not just any shirt and hat but his, "This is my lucky 'you guys are going to win tonight' shirt and hat."

The group spent the night in the North End and the next day I was told my oldest was "like a kid in a candy store," and absolutely thrilled to be in the same city while his favorite team gained another win in their march to the title.

This time, as much as he wanted to be here, he was duty bound; I trust, secretly hoping no crime would occur just at change of shift, so he could get home to watch the end of the games. Congrats, Officer Red Sox, on your World Series title. Strike three, you're out.

Oops -- "Ten four; over and out."

P.S. His mom-in-law is a Yankee fan.


Sharon Williams Tucker is a freelance columnist for The Haverhill Gazette.

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