I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mamas, mommies, moms, mums and mas; grandmas who reprised their motherhood role, those who “stepped” into and “fostered” the role and entered by rite of adoption. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a mother’s love to give that child wings to soar.

To mothers who just delivered, your job is the most monumental on earth. The works of the greatest and most renowned people pale in comparison to the task you face, for you will mold and direct the life of another human being.

Mamas, you are your child’s first teacher. Teach wisely, for, “As you bend the little tree when it is young so it will grow straight.” (author unknown). Teach from your heart about family, home and the world. Let your children know the home you make is a safe and welcoming one. Let them learn — boys on “kitchen patrol and cleanup,” and girls in the workshop. Set a good example, especially in language and dress. How many children are embarrassed at the antics of their parents, and those who give mixed signals to their offspring? Show that you love them with simple things. Gadgets and electronics are wonderful, but will never replace a hug, shared laughter and bushels of kisses.

Mommies, have patience, for children aren’t miniature adults. Their reasoning isn’t able to comprehend the adult things of this world. Little hands can be clumsy, but can also draw the most beautiful scribbled pictures of “Mommy and Me,” and supply you with exquisite bouquets of dandelions.

Moms, show an interest in your children — not just for how they excel in sports, or just how well they perform dance routines. Be concerned with their education, their clothes, their friends. And if you choose to practice a particular religion, share that with your child.

Mums, your road might be detour after detour, roadblock after roadblock, discouragement, frustrations, heartbreak and tears, for you have been given a “special child.” That reason is known to God alone, but just as your child is “special,” He thought enough of you that you are also “special” to Him.

Mas, you may have reached the fork in your road where you and your child separate. It may be the hardest thing you have to face, especially if you’re a single mom and have poured all your being into raising your child. Being ignored and unloved is painful, but sometimes the seeds you planted years ago surprisingly took root and you can’t begin to imagine how things may change when you least expect it.

Grandmas and step, foster and adoptive mothers, kudos for taking on the job. It shows just how important the life of a child is to you. Though at times you may feel burdened with overwhelming odds, somewhere the block you laid out will be built upon for the good. Sadly, you may never witness it, but trust you made a difference to a child.

To all the mothers who have lost a child by any means, and to all the moms who will not savor the scent of their flowers or open a gift, but rather have the flowers left on their graves — Happy Mother’s Day and God bless.

Sharon W. Tucker is a freelance columnist for The Haverhill Gazette.

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