My goal is to make this column fun, informative and helpful for people in their day-to-day lives with companion animals. Thank you for the many e-mails and letters you are sending. I will try to answer them all, but today, I’d like to bring up something important.

Summer isn’t over yet, so I’d like to address the issue of dogs being left in parked cars. It seems there are quite a few so-called “animal lovers” taking their dogs with them while they go grocery shopping or out to dinner. During the recent heat wave I reported a vehicle to the grocery store I was in — it had two dogs in it and the windows were only open about one-half inch.

A man who was there doing landscaping noticed me looking at the dogs and commented that they had been in the car for some time. He was also quite disgusted, but took no action. I had the owners paged because the poor dogs look frenzied and extremely hot.

The MSPCA puts out many bulletins reminding people not to do this to their animals, so please leave them in the comfort of your home. And they must have plenty of water if left outside — not one bowl, but two. If you wouldn’t leave your children in a hot car, please don’t do it to your dogs.

When I see it, I make someone address it right away. I have had people paged at stores and restaurants and management has made them remove the animals.

I’m a dog lover. If I see animal abuse I cannot be silent. Please join me in protecting our beloved animals. Make a difference and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you.

The roots of Susan Deren’s training come from her father who worked with attack dogs while in the military. She uses behavioral intuitive assessment to help solve behavioral problems and welcomes feedback. Questions? Susan can be reached at, or Susan Deren, P.O. Box 6256, Haverhill, MA 01831-6256.

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