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Write your guess on a postcard and mail it to Thanks for the Memories, Haverhill Gazette, P.O. Box 991, Haverhill, MA 01831.

Last week’s photo was of a shrine that was untouched when fire destroyed the church in which it was located. Here is how historian Pat O’Malley described it in her “Irish in Haverhill” book:

“The ‘Miraculous Shrine’ at St. Gregory’s School. The original St. Gregory’s Church was converted to a school when the larger St. James church was built. The old building was destroyed by fire in 1901. When the ruins were searched, this classroom shrine to St. Joseph, with its lace canopy and the picture of St. Patrick, was discovered to be untouched by the flames, although all around it lay the charred ruins of the classroom in which it was located.”

One correct answer arrived in time for publication. It was from historian Charlie Turner. More about that at another time.

The previous week’s picture was of River Street, the Merrimack River and Bradford. Additional correct answers came in from Henri Seymour, who said evergreen trees were planted on Mount Washington, in the foreground, to keep the land from slipping down. He said the picture must be more than 100 years old. Louise and Russell Chaput had the right answer and also wanted to know when the picture was taken. There was no clue to the year, the picture was on a post card. Also, they liked the idea of a parade. “Let’s go for it,” they wrote.

If you have any pictures that might create interest or awaken memories, send them to Barney Gallagher at the above address.

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