Take a guess!

Can you identify the scene in this photo? Write your guess and any comments on a postcard and mail it to Thanks for the Memories, Haverhill Gazette, Post Office Box 991, Haverhill, MA 01831.

Last week’s photo was of the circulation desk at the old Public Library.

It was quickly identified by John Mickela and Paula Cardran, followed in short order by Henri Seymour, who said he used the reading room often while a student at Haverhill High; Gemma Snider, who sent thanks from Tampa, Fla., for jolting her memory of getting reprimanded for talking too loudly; Robert C. Takesian, who wondered if the lady at the desk is Pauline Pulsifer; Barbara Cote, Charlene Therrien, Judine Raymond and Gerry Danforth.

If you have any pictures that might be of interest or awaken memories, send them to Barney Gallagher at the above address.

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