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Can you identify this photo? Write your guess and any comments on a postcard and mail it to Thanks for the Memories, Haverhill Gazette, P.O. Box 991, Haverhill, MA 01831.

Last week’s history/mystery photo was of Washington Square when parking was allowed in the middle and on the edges. There are at least 25 cars in the center, and the tracks indicate trolleys were still popular, before the present post office was built.

Correct responses came in from Laura Edwards of Lowell; Dr. John G. Hamer, Isabel Takesian Sargent of Merrimac; Liz Arakelian, Gemma Snider of Spring Hill, Fla.; Louise and Russell V.J. Chaput; Robert C. Takesian, Judine Raymond, Paula Cardran, Joanne Rurak, Gerry Danforth, Laurie Gondolfo, Ken Merrick, Henri Seymour, Barbara Cote and Karen and Larry Dudley.

Delayed correct answers to the previous week’s photo of White’s Corner came in from Lucille Baril, Judine Raymond, who commented on the “beautiful old buildings;” Barbara Cote, Louise and Russell Chaput, who recalled Carbone’s store and other elements; Gerry Danforth, Henri Seymour, Gemma Snider, whose father had a typewriter shop in the same building with a florist shown in the picture, and from Mary Kranyak, who has lived in Stratford, Conn., for 40 years but still visits her mother, 93, in Groveland.

If you have any photos that might be of interest or awaken memories, send them to Barney Gallagher at the above address.

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