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Can you identify this photo? Write your guess on a postcard and mail it to Thanks for the Memories, Haverhill Gazette, P.O. Box 991, Haverhill, MA 01831, or e-mail it to hgreporter@hgazette.com.

Last week’s picture was of the former Kenoza Avenue fire station, before it became the home of Lorraine Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars. The picture was from the collection of Evelyn Rand.

The first correct answer came in from retired former fire Chief Richard Borden. Others came in from Gerry Danforth and from Judine Raymond, who deplored the modernization of what she called “this beautiful facade.”

Guesses for the previous week’s picture, of the Garibaldi Club men marching on Essex Street, were delayed by the Labor Day holiday. Correct guesses came in from Judine Raymond, who remarked on the cobblestone street surface, and from Gerry Danforth and Louise and Russell V.J. Chaput.

If you have any pictures that might create interest or awaken memories, send them to Barney Gallagher at the above address.

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