Floor hockey and basketball at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill ended its regular season and is starting the playoffs this week.

Minor league floor hockey consists of one round of playoffs this week, followed by the championship round next week. Major league floor hockey will have two rounds of playoffs this week and next, followed by the championship round. Both major league and minor basketball will have two rounds of playoffs, this week and next, with the championship rounds to follow.

An awards banquet will be held April 8 at Michael's Function Hall.

Here's a look at the final games of the regular season:



Undefeated Dawns Here battled last-place Dempsey Insurance, and it seemed as if it was going to be an easy one, but it wasn't.

Dempsey Insurance quickly gained the lead behind Thomas Bergeron’s 4 goals. It appeared briefly that Dawns Here was facing its first loss of the season until it turned things around. Nyomi Morales of Dawns Here had 2 goals late in the game to help her team remain undefeated headed into the playoffs. Dawns Here won 8-6.


Prime Time Sports vs. Servpro was a scorer's game for both teams.

Brody Winchell of Servpro carried his team by scoring all 4 goals, but wasn’t enough as Prime Time had more firepower to keep the lead and secure its last regular season win. Prime Time Sports took a 6-4 victory.




Don Wilson was looking to upset TJS Metals and ruin TJS' chances of taking first place.

Elijah Abarca lead his team to the upset victory behind his 3 goals and, with help from goalie Xander Urbaez, held TJS Metals scoreless. Don Wilson won 3-0.


Choice Fitness was eager to beat the first-place team, Fantini Bakery, and succeeded through strong offense and defense.

Ryan Carlson of Choice Fitness logged 2 goals, while the defense held Fantini scoreless to take a 3-0 win.




As Early Contractors looked to upset the first-place team, T-Stop was trying to end the regular season with a first-round bye.

This game went back and fourth to the end. Yasiel Torres of Early Contractors had a game-high 28 points, but Early Contractors fell short as T-Stop had a strong team effort to win 64-56.


Humble Truth vs. Krispy Clean Kicks was a battle.

With both teams having success in the paint, this game was headed to the last second before the winner was determined. Alejandro Delgado of Krispy Clean had a team-high 18 points, but it wasn’t enough as Humble Truth was looking to get its last regular season win going into a playoff first-week bye — and the team did just that. Jeremiah Lugo of Humble Truth had a game-high 21 points, even though he missed the entire first quarter. Humble Truth took a 46-44 victory.


Choice Fitness vs. Upscale Cutz was nearly an upset.

Choice Fitness came out firing in the first half, taking an 11-0 lead, but Upscale Cutz came roaring back to gain a 12-point lead. Jaiden Cruz of Upscale Cutz had a team-high 16 points, but Javien Sapienza of Choice Fitness wasn’t going to let his team down as it made a comeback and, with a last-second possession, Javien Sapienza scored the game-winning shot. Choice Fitness squeaked out a 53-52 victory.




Rice & Broulliard Electric was looking for an upset in this match against Shoe City Hardware in hopes of finishing the regular season on a high note.

Rice & Broulliard had a great start and was competing well until Shoe City star Alex Latorre heated up on the way to a game-high 14 points, allowing his team to end the regular season undefeated. Shoe City won 27-23.


Rook’s Barbershop battled Fantini Bakery in an intense game.

For a while it was close, with Luis Morel of Fantini eventually having a game-high 20 points, but it wasn't enough to stop the second-place Rook’s Barbershop which finished strong with Jathien Dejesus scoring a team-high 19 points. Rook’s Barbershop won this match 56-44.


Early Contractors vs. Harold Maya Construction was a battle for third place.

Ivan Ortiz of Early Contractors quickly turned up the heat and ended up with a game-high 22 points to lead his team to victory and secure third place for the playoffs. Early Contractors won 39-28.


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