The latest basketball and floor hockey games at the Boys & Girls Club featured several high-scoring matches.

Here's a detailed game-by-game account:



Prime Time Sports and Don Wilson battled for second place.

This was a close game until the third period, when Prime Time exploded with seven goals. Rafael Torres of Prime Time led his team with a team-high 8 goals (4 in third period). Andrew Duchemin of Don Wilson scored all 8 goals for his team. Prime Time Sports took a 15-8 victory.


Maria’s Restaurant vs. Dempsey Insurance was a well-matched game.

The teams were tied for most of the game. Thomas Bergeron and Aivyn Privitera of Dempsey Insurance each had two goals, but it wasn’t enough as Malachi Kitchens of Maria’s Restaurant had 4 goals, while teammate Julian White helped bring Maria's Restaurant over the top to take a 7-4 win.


Undefeated Dawns Here was looking to keep its record perfect going up against a tough Servpro team.

Initially, Servpro was in a great position to take the win, but Dawns Here keep fighting back. The game was tied 8-8 going into the third period and, as the game was winding down, Dawns Here's Peter Grillo (5 goals) took control to bring his team an 11-8 victory, keeping them undefeated.



Fantini Bakery battled Choice Fitness in a great defensive game.

As Choice Fitness looked to remain in first place, Fantini came into this game as underdogs. Fantini's Ivan Oviedo began the scoring with 2 straight goals to lead his team, while teammate and goalie Delilah Preston had plenty of saves and didn’t allow Choice Fitness a single goal. Fantini continued to score and went on to win, shutting down the first-place team, 7-0.


TJS Metals vs. Don Wilson was a tight, low-scoring game.

Both teams were scoreless in the first period. Dorian Shannon of TJS Metalsscord got game's first goal in the second period with a wrap-around score to start it off, but after that, Don Wilson scored 2 goals, both by Elijah Abarca to take the lead. TJS Metals stepped it up by scoring 3 goals to finish the game with a 4-3 victory.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASKETBALL: Games were rescheduled to Feb. 4 



Shoe City was looking to stay undefeated, while Early Contractors was on the hunt for an upset.

At the beginning of the game, Zavion Alvarez of Early Contractors hit five three-pointers to lead his team in the first half with 14 points. But it wasn’t enough. In the second half, Alex Latorre (25 points) of Shoe City was a scoring machine to lead his team to a 20-point victory, 47-27.


Rook’s Barbershop vs. Rice & Broulliard Electric was an intense game as both teams played aggressively.

Rook’s Barbershop was ahead for most of the game, but Rice & Broulliard stayed close. Jayden Eusebio of Rice & Broulliard had a team-high 15 points to keep his team in it, but it wasn’t enough as Jeremiah Correa of Rook’s Barbershop had a team-high 17 points and carried his team to a 49-38 win.


Harold Maya Construction overwhelmed Fantini Bakery in this exciting battle.

Fantini’s Julian White had 16 points to try to keep his team in it, but it was tough as the team was without two of its star players. Harold Maya Construction was on a roll, as Dante Makoni scored a game-high 29 points to lead his team to a 57-35 victory.



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